In a study from 2014, a hundred people who suffered from migraines were treated with 50 mg of sumatriptan, medicament for migraine, or 250 mg of powdered ginger. Two hours after treatment with 64 percent of those who took ginger and 70 percent of those taking the drug, the pain decreased 90 percent. In the group taking sumatriptan 20 percent had side effects such as dizziness and heartburn, and 4 percent of those who took ginger had only mild indigestion.


How to take:

Take fresh ginger or the powder and add it to the food, improves the taste in many meals. You can make an excellent tea, hot water pour over the three slices of fresh ginger and cover, leave for ten minutes and add a little honey.


Do not take ginger if you have any bleeding disorder or take blood thinners, including aspirin. In high doses can cause heartburn, diarrhea and irritation in the mouth.