Required ingredients:

  • ½ kg of carrots
  • ½ kg of beets
  • Handful of dried apricots
  • Handful of raisins
  • One teaspoon of honeyIf You Never Want To Deal With Cancer You Need To Try This!


Method of preparation:

Put the shredded carrots and beets in varnished pot. Add boiling water, and make sure it is two fingers atop of the beets and carrots.

Then put the chopped dried apricots and raisins. Put the pot on heat until the water starts to boil. When the water starts to boil, dislodge the pot from the heat at the same moment. Once the composite is cooled, add the honey and leave the composite to rest for at least 12 hours in a cool and dry place. When the 12 hours have passed, strain the liquid. The liquid is for drinking, and the rest of the composite can be used in culinary purposes.

This amount should be enough for two days.

Consume half a glass of the drink three times at day before having a meal.

You will have cleansed intestines in only one month.

The refrigerator is the perfect place for keeping this drink.

This remedy is helpful in preventing and fighting cancer.