There are many teeth whitening home procedures, but none of them is perfect.One type of whitening does not work on all teeth, It has effects only on a particular type of teeth ( ex. Yellowish teeth ).

 Aluminum Foil

Also, there many teeth whitening products on the market and some of them contain small quantities of carbamide peroxide and small particles that whiten the teeth.

There is a treatment that proved as effective and it is completely safe and there are no risks to your teeth health if you practice it.

Steps to follow :

Mix a little baking soda with your toothpaste.
Take a piece of aluminium foil and fold it so that it becomes wide and long as your teeth.
Apply prepared paste to the foil and put on your teeth.
Let the foil stay on your teeth for an hour.

Repeat this procedure twice a day in the following 7 days and expect fast results.

IMPORTANT: After completing the treatment, you MUST make pause for few weeks.