For all these treatments I will use Evion 400 capsules, these capsules are easily available in every medical store

To take out their oil just pinch and squeeze them


Vitamin E toner

In rose water add oil of 1 vitamin E capsule. Shake it well and your vitamin E toner is ready

Use it every time after face wash

Overnight treatment for dry chapped lips

Just pinch of 1 vitamin E capsule and apply this oil all over your lips

Leave it overnight

As night cream

I don’t have too much time to spend for my skin. In night I just wash my face. Add oil of 1 vitamin E capsule in some aloe vera gel and apply it all over your face and neck

Go and sleep

Face mask for all skin type

Take 1 tsp honey
Add oil of 1 vitamin E capsule
Add some aloe vera gel
Mix all of them and your mask is ready for application on clean face
Apply and leave for 15 minutes

Hair oil

Before applying oil add vitamin E oil in your regular oil